Coaching for Women

home-women-cropI help women to go for great in their lives and relationships and to stop settling for less at home, work or out in the world. I work with women to find their power and to step into the world in a whole new way without stepping on others in the process or allowing others to step on them. I help women to gain confidence, set effective limits, gain clarity and to have their own back. I teach women to get out of the extremes and to stop settling for less simply because they’re too afraid to ask for more, don’t think they’ll get more, or are too tired to try for more.

Common issues on which I work with women include:

  • Creating awesome relationships that fuel you instead of drain you
  • Walking in the world with a strong sense of competence and confidence
  • Learning how to find your voice and use it effectively at home, work or in the world
  • Issues related to self-esteem, self-doubt and boundaries
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Gaining clarity about what you want, what’s missing and what you’re doing that’s getting in your way
  • Empowering women to stand up effectively for themselves without stepping on those around them
  • Getting unstuck in an unhappy relationship, job or life pattern
  • Letting go of fear and moving into effective action
  • Empowering women to stop responding in the extremes (such as aggression or over-accommodating) in times of upset and instead learn to step in with a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS)
  • Empowering women to move away from threats, hopelessness or blowing up, and instead effectively set powerful limits
  • Enhancing friendships, sibling relationships and romantic relationships

I teach women to incorporate a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS) in everything they do. A GPS is about power from within versus power over. Stepping in with a grounded strength versus an aggressive strength is something seldom seen by men or women. I work with women at all levels to harness this skill and this power to reach results they’ve never before been able to reach.

How I Work

My style is direct, compassionate, non-judgmental and authentic. I will tell you what your best friend knows about you, but doesn’t have the courage to tell you. My philosophy – which drives much of my work — is Changing Me, Changes We. I believe that the only person you have control of is yourself and that by changing yourself you will change your relationships, your marriage and, ultimately, your life. My job is to help you see what behaviors you’re doing that aren’t serving you. Too many people constantly focus on the behaviors of those around them and try to change them; this is not only ineffective, it is an impossible feat. I work with women, men and couples to get their eyes off others and instead have the courage to change the one person they actually do have control of—themselves.

If you’re willing to be courageous, truly work your side of things and take in difficult feedback that will set you on a life-changing course, then call or e-mail for an appointment (1-508-520-6547 or ). I look forward to hearing from you.

Administrative Information…The Specifics…

  • Sessions occur in my office, over the phone or via Skype
  • I typically work with individuals in 90-minute time blocks twice a month although frequency varies depending on the individual and their circumstances
  • Because this is coaching, I do not accept any insurance, therefore all payments must be cash, check or credit card

VIP Days

For those women who are looking for a big jump start, I offer VIP Days. These intensives focus on any of the following issues:

  • Getting unstuck from an unhappy relationship, friendship or job
  • Getting clarity about where you are sabotaging yourself and how to get out of that self-defeating pattern
  • Making a BIG life decision (I.e. separation, divorce, job, etc.)
  • Creating a road map on how to stop settling for less in your life

Intensives take place in my office from 10 am to 4:30 pm. For more information on this coaching option click here for more information.