The Underlying Message of Silence—Intended or Unintended

“Inherent in Your Silence is Acceptance” ~LMB The underlying message of silence, like it or not, is acceptance. This is particularly true for hurtful offenses. In fact, the bigger the offense—responded to by silence—the louder a message of acceptance is being conveyed. This is an often unspoken truth in courtrooms, offices and even homes. •   […]

A Note to all the People Pleasers in the World: Avoid the “Guilt-Ridden Yes”

“A guilt-ridden “Yes”, 99% of the time is meant to be a compassionate “No”. ~LMB If you’re a people pleaser, you no doubt are familiar with the “guilt-ridden yes”. The guilt –ridden yes is that yes you say because you “feel bad” saying no.  These yes’s are voiced because: •    You don’t want to hurt […]

Saying “No” is Vital in Relationships

Women are notorious for wanting to please people, putting others before themselves and for trying to do it all. Although these may seem on the surface to be wonderful traits, when you look deeper, they can be detrimental to both women and the ones they love. Too many women try to twist themselves into a […]