When Change Seems Impossible, Try This

Most people who feel stuck try to solve their problems in the same way—they largely focus their time and attention on trying to change the other person. More times than not, they complain, yell, scream, plead, shut down, defend, rationalize and essentially do whatever they can to get the other person to “see the light.” […]

Be BOLD…Take a Chance…“Stop Settling:” A Tele-class for Creating Change

 I’ve watched women settle for less than they deserve for most of my life. I’m tired of watching women settle. I hated watching it when I was a child and I hate it now that I’m a grown up. I’ve watched women cower to rage, complain about rage, beg for the rage to stop and […]

Are Men Attracted to Strong Women?

In my work over the past seventeen years, I’ve run across many types of women.  I’ve seen the stereotypical “nice” woman, who does anything she can to please her man and take care of the family.  I’ve worked with the over-the–top aggressive woman who’s determined to not take sh*t from anyone.  And, I’ve worked with […]