The 5 Most Common Edges (Part II)

As I wrote last week, our “edge” is that relationally-dysfunctional move we do in times of stress or conflict—when we are reactive rather than mindful. Last week I spoke about defensiveness and acting passive-aggressive ( Below are the remaining three most common edges: 1. Rage: Raging shows up as any or all of the following: […]

Addressing Jealousy From The Start

Over the years I’ve seen countless relationships entangled in the spider web of jealousy.  Jealousy can hit men and women of all ages and is often highly destructive and very difficult to live with. Jealousy can initially show up as the other person wanting to spend a lot of time with you.  In the early […]

Are You Living With A Woman Who Struggles with Intensity? What To Do and Not to Do

A common union I see in couples is a very strong woman partnered with a fairly passive man.  The men often say their partners are overbearing, controlling, intense, critical and never satisfied.  The women say the men don’t talk, are walled off, often passive-aggressive and say yes just to get the women off their backs.  […]